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Being Admitted


When you first arrive at CPDMH for admission, please report to the Registration Office. You will then go to the Inpatient Nursing Unit.


You could also be admitted directly from the Emergency Department. In that case, a staff member will escort you to your room. When you get to your assigned bed, the nursing staff will complete the admission process and appropriate consent forms.


What To Bring


  • Identification showing your name, address and date of birth

  • OHIP Health Card

  • Supplemental insurance information (if applicable)

  • Living Will or Power of Attorney documentation if available

  • Contact information for next of kin

Personal Items

  • All medications you are currently taking. These can be sent home once your doctor or nurse has reviewed them.

  • A list of any allergies or reactions to drugs, food or latex

  • Pajamas, bathrobe and non-slip shoes/slippers

  • Glasses and reading material

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, facial tissues, shaving supplies, shampoo and body/hand lotion. These items are not supplied by the hospital, and are available for purchase at the Gift Shop

  • Hearing aid with extra batteries, or other necessary assistance devices (if applicable)

  • Personal glucometer and/or insulin pen (if you are diabetic)

Meals And Your Diet

  • Our Food Services staff provide nutritious meals that are an important part of your recovery. Our dietitian works closely with our patients, families and care teams to ensure nutritional needs are met. We try to accommodate special diets. If you have any concerns about your diet while in hospital, or what you should eat at home, ask your nurse to contact the dietitian.

  • Please be sure to tell your nurse about any food allergies, food intolerances or special diet needs.

  • The Coffee Den, the hospital's cafeteria, is located next to the kitchen on the hospital's lower level. It serves meals and snacks to staff and visitors. The menu offers a variety of foods in a relaxing atmosphere.

  • Vending machines with snacks and cold beverages are also available in the hospital.

  • With notice, the Food Services staff can provide an additional meal for any family member at a reasonable cost. Please contact the Food Services Department directly or through your nurse to make arrangements.

No Scents Is Good Sense

The hospital is a scent-free environment. Any personal items brought to the hospital must be non-scented.



The hospital cannot accept responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged items. We advise that you do not bring large amounts of cash, jewelry or other valuables. Electrical items such as hair dryers and curling irons must pass inspection prior to use in the hospital.


Fall Prevention

  • Share any and all fears or concerns you have about falling with your healthcare team

  • Call for assistance if you are concerned with moving about, especially at night

  • If you feel dizzy, weak, unsteady, or light-headed sit down and call for help

  • Get up slowly after eating, lying down, or resting

  • Wear proper footwear: non-slip, well-fitting, and supportive such as running shoes or slippers with heel support and tread

  • Ensure clothing is not going to be tripped on such as pants, skirts, or housecoats that are too long

  • Wear glasses and/or hearing aids as needed

  • Take medications as prescribed

  • Use recommended walking aids and supports

  • Participate in regular and safe physical activity where possible

  • Eat healthy, regular, and well-balanced meals

Smoke Free Policy

Carleton Place & District Memorial Hospital is committed to providing a healthy, safe and comfortable environment for all our employees, patients and visitors.  As such, we are a smoke-free environment. In compliance with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, smoking is prohibited across our site, and within nine metres of all hospital entrances and exits.  The sale of smoking materials within or on the property is also prohibited. The Smoke-Free policy applies to all employees, volunteers, students, visitors and patients.


Ask Questions

If you have any questions or concerns during your stay, please speak with your care provider.  You are an important member of the health care team. Learn more about your rights and responsibilities.