Keep Informed! 


 Background Information 


The Process

The process of planning and construction will take several years and we will keep you informed every step of the way.

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has a five-stage planning process:


  • Stage 1 Part A: Master Plan (Complete)
  • Stage 1 Part B: Master Program (Complete)
  • Stage 2: Functional Program (Complete)
             Outlines the functions, operations, staffing, major equipment, funding and space requirements for the new space
  • Stage 3: Preliminary Design (3.1 Submitted)
             Preliminary block and sketch level design are developed with details about all major components, timelines and costs
  • Stage 4: Working Drawings
             Pre-construction phase where detailed drawings and contract documents for tender are drafted and approved
  • Stage 5: Implementation Approval
             Approval to award tender and begin construction

Have A Look! 

View preliminary site drawing

View preliminary block drawing 


If you would like to comment on these plans, please contact Mary Wilson Trider, President and CEO at 613-253-3825 or email info@carletonplacehosp.com.