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A brand new Emergency Department in Carleton Place!

The new ED at Carleton Place & District Memorial Hospital will be built at the back of the existing hospital and connected at the first floor via a link that will include an elevator and stairs to navigate the change in elevation. It is designed to improve each patient’s experience with more treatment rooms, barrier-free, walk-in entrances, and enhanced infection control standards.


We have so much to tell you about the new ER and want to answer all your questions. We will be continually updating this page with new information, photos, and details as planning continues and construction gets underway.


Here We Go!

Groundbreaking ceremony 

The official groundbreaking ceremony was held on October 29th. Read more

Keep Informed! 


Sneak Peek!  

3.2 site plan 



floor plan


 Background Information 


The Process

The process of planning and construction will take several years and we will keep you informed every step of the way.

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has a five-stage planning process:


  • Stage 1 Part A: Master Plan (Complete and approved)
  • Stage 1 Part B: Master Program (Complete and approved)
  • Stage 2: Functional Program (Complete and approved)
             Outlines the functions, operations, staffing, major equipment, funding and space requirements for the new space
  • Stage 3: Preliminary Design (Complete and approved)
    • Stage 3.1 - Preliminary block and sketch level design are developed with details about all major components, timelines and costs (Complete and approved)
    • Stage 3.2 - Sketch Plan - Detailed physical planning documents, including mechanical, electrical, structural, and architectural design briefs with relevant drawings; phasing plans; building specifications; furniture and equipment lists; updated cost estimates and project schedule (Complete and approved)
  • Stage 4: Working Drawings (Complete and approved)
             Pre-construction phase where detailed drawings and contract documents for tender are drafted and approved
  • Stage 5: Implementation Approval (Complete and approved)
             Approval to award tender and begin construction
  • Construction Underway:  The build is expected to take 18 months to 2 years. 

If you would like to comment on these plans, please contact Mary Wilson Trider, President and CEO at 613-253-3825 or email info@carletonplacehosp.com.


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